Friday, 6 May 2011

Look North in 2011/12

The CMFL have released their view of next season...

So the new North and South Divisions for the Central Midlands League 2011/12 have been "provisionally" agreed at League Committee level.
They are as follows:

Bentley Colliery
Dronfield Town
Easington United
FC 05 Bilsthorpe
Harworth CI
Hutton Cranswick
Kinsley Boys
Kiveton Park
Nottingham Utd
Ollerton Town
Phoenix S.S
Sheffield Parramore
Thoresby CW
Thorne Colliery
Welbeck Welfare
Westella & Willerby
Yorkshire Main


AFC Hucknall
Basford United
Belper United
Bilborough Pelican
Blidworth Welfare
Bulwell Town
Calverton MW
Clifton FC
Clipstone Welfare
Kimberley Town
Kirkby Town
Newark Town
Nottinghamshire Police (To play at Calverton)
Pinxton FC
Real United
South Normanton
Southwell City
Sutton Town AFC
Whatton United

And the members are none-too-pleased it would seem, judging by the replies generated by the posting of the above on the "Unofficial" CMFL Message Board.
Firstly, it should be pointed out that Nottingham United's place in the "North" section is on account of their new home venue next season, which is The Alley, home to the soon-to-be-defunct Church Warsop.
And also worth mentioning is that this list was drawn up ahead of any possible promotions to higher level (Sheffield Parramore to the NCEL?) and/or team changes that may yet occur in the next few weeks/months (Sheffield Parramore to Worksop Parramore?).
Finally, it's also worth noting that there is the small matter of the CMFL's Annual General Meeting to be negotiated on 20th June.  Hmm, could be a lively evening!
However, all these things set aside for the minute, I quite like the look of it.  Pistol Pete will no doubt be foaming at the mouth at the prospect of getting lost en rute to places he's never got us lost en route to before - Harworth, Kinsley, Sheffield...Bishop Burton?!

Somewhere new for The Pistol to park the Express next season
And in fairness, it wouldn't have mattered where the line was drawn.  There are some members of this league who would have found fault with the split.  There are some who appear to take delight in knocking everything and anything the League Committee does at the moment.  There's much talk of how standards have dropped in recent times, the new clubs (of which I assume we are still one) are not of sufficient quality and how - according to one forum poster - it's "making a mockery of local football".  
Well, excuse me, I beg to differ.  For a start I thought the whole idea of the Central Midlands League was to elevate clubs above "local football" onto a more "regional" plane and help them move on in the game.  Indeed, the League has a superb record in this regard and it's the reason we first decided to switch from our own supposed competition for aspiring clubs, the Humber Premier League.  The fact that we can boast Step 7 status next season has already vindicated that decision. 
If the above poster and his fellow detractors would like to see what's really killing local football, he should take a look at the number of games currently being "forfeited" as walkovers by teams in the East Riding County League, wherein our second- and third-strings play their football.  And I say this as someone whose Reserves have benefitted to the tune of 6pts recently without having to kick a ball.  Premier Division survival all-but-assured thanks to two teams unwilling to travel to the Humber Riviera.  Ridiculous.
I wonder if the senior squad will benefit this way next season when some of the new "North" clubs also balk at the prospect of a trip to the most easterly part of the East Riding?  Somehow I think not.
Right, now where did I put that tin hat?

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