Wednesday, 25 June 2014

June 2014

Saturday 7th June
Deano delights at the Do

After troubled campaign on the field of play, at least we ended it on a real high off it, thanks in no small part to Hull City legend Dean Windass and that well-known Master of Ceremonies Mally Lord who between them provided an excellent night's entertainment at The Northfield Country Club.
A full list of the night's award winners can be found here. Unfortunately, no photos are to be had thanks to Shotgun Burt's decision to video the who evening's entertainment and not just the speeches ;-)  
In one of the few pictures Burt did manage to take (above) the star of the show is seen presenting an autographed 2008 Hull City Wembley Play-off Final shirt to winning bidder Craig Stephenson aka Jack Duckworth!

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