Wednesday, 17 February 2010

You go your way…

…And we’ll go ours

I was amused to read a piece seemingly submitted by Hornsea Town AFC which appeared in last week’s Holderness Gazette.
It contained a brief resume of The Seasiders’ campaign so far, in which they are lying 4th in the Humber Premier League table, just a point behind the leaders, and closed with the statement that should the club actually win the HPL they will gain “promotion to the Northern Counties League”, by which I’m sure the author means Northern Counties East League.
Now, without going into too much detail as to the exact criteria requirements of membership of the NCEL (partly because at this precise time I’m not sure of them) I struggle to see quite how Hornsea hope to do this.
Currently exiled from their Hollis Recreation Ground due to extensive work thereon, they are playing their home games this season at nearby Leconfield. In my humble opinion, neither venue provides the level of facilities already in place at Low Farm, which as we already know are not at the moment sufficiently good enough to warrant our entry into the NCEL or any other Step 6 league; hence the reason why we sought to make the logical step via the CMFL.
Now I may be wrong on this. Hornsea may well have been given the tip-off from the Northern Counties East League that “win and your up”. If so, good luck to them.
But should that be the case, it does beg the question why did we decide to take the route we did if promotion was that straightforward?
I think somebody somewhere is jumping the gun…

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