Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bedding-In for the weekend

Facing up to another washout...

Here we go again.  Our Groundsman has informed me that our chances of playing Parkhouse this Saturday are "pretty remote".  That's his polite speak for "no fookin chance". 
Apparently, two days' solid drying weather (Mon/Tue) was wiped out in just one night's rain.  And as I type this it is damp, murky and misty with heavy rainfall forecast tomorrow (Friday).  Some people might say it could be worse, we could be in Cumbria or Scotland.  I'm not having that. 
Anyway, there's little I can do about it except wait and pray for a miracle.
Still there's always something to cheer one up at time like this and it comes in the form of this footage, posted on the internet, of Jimmy Bullard's latest stylish return to the playing field.  Check out this goal against Wigan Reserves at North Ferriby's Church Road ground; it's from a mobile phone apparently but you still get to appreciate the genius of the talent that is our 5M dollar man...

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