Thursday, 1 March 2012

All things bright and beautiful

Saturday 18th February
CML Challenge Cup Round 3
Easington United 2 Southwell City 1

You wouldn't have thought it was the same venue as that the previous weekend.  Just seven days since the first real snowfall of the winter had forced postponement of our Baris League Challenge Cup third round tie against Southwell, our visitors finally got to make the trip they'd all been looking forward to!
Also 'down on the Farm' that day were Jim & Ollie Ezard and Denis Cox, stalwarts of the now sadly defunct Hutton Cranswick club.  It was great to see them, along with Kate from the Tiger Twitterati who was in line to see her first Easington win in four attempts!
The appearance of several new faces helped send the "Official Gross Weight" in the 'North West Ryvita Stand' to a new matchday record of 120 stone.  Which put a smile on the face of Ryvita Man himself of course... 

Waiting for the drop...
So, a fair-sized crowd, the sun shining, the pitch looking great and after Southwell had shot into an early lead, the day capped by possibly THE best goal ever seen at Low Farm; Gav setting us on the way to the semi-finals with a spectacular overhead scissor-kick...only Burt managed to miss it.  
Our doughty photographer would also then miss Frosty apply the decisive touch to JC's pass which clinched our place in the last eight.  Never mind.

And talking of missing things, a subsequent glut of home games, a family holiday and - ahem - the small matter of an impending minor operation has led to me again neglecting this blog.
Therefore, as we strode into unchartered territory for Easington United as far as the CML Cup is concerned, all I can offer is the following: 
For the best background to our CML South visitors read here and/or here.
For a match report of the game read here.
For some of the things that were catching my eye in the week leading up to the game read here, here and here.

Frosty scores the winner. Not that you'd know that from these...
The last of these pieces, relating to the death of Whitney Houston, warranted a mention solely due to the fact that her debut album formed something of a soundtrack to many of my memories of the mid-Eighties.  Of course, my musical tastes at that time were far too cool to own up to liking Whitney; a fact illustrated by the latest instalment of Matthew Rudd's Sunday show, Q The 80s.  The following three tracks had me back in (a) the youth club disco; (b) sixth form free periods; and (c) the legendary Spiders nightclub in Hull.  Long before blogging was invented...

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