Friday, 5 March 2010

TFI Friday

'Twas the night before Bonanza and all were knackered...

The home of CML Bonanza football - Part 1

I should be in the pub now. The legendary Mr Hornby has invited Mrs Slush and I out for a pre-Bonanza bevvy, accompanied no doubt by some of the CML Registrar's countless anecdotes from the world of ground-hopping.
Sadly a prior engagement which involved the spending of money at a shopping centre near Sheffield means that Mrs Slush is unavailable.   And as I type this - 21:54hrs - she has still not returned.  Therefore Plan B - for my good lady to take over custody of our sleeping Slushettes once home while I slip out for a pint or three - is also looking remote.  But to be honest, the moment has passed.  I'm knackered.  And anyway, landlady Mrs Ward hasn't got any cask ale on!
Today saw "final" preparations completed at the ground. I say "final" as there are bound to a be a thousand and one things we remember when meeting up again tomorrow at 7.30am.When I left the ground at tea-time, extra security measures were being put in place to try and ensure both gazebos wouldn't disappear into Arthur Luckup's neighbouring paddock should the wind get up tonight!

A bit of sand

Marker Mike, er, marking. And a bit more sand.

Like a Bowling Green...perhaps. With a bit of sand.

"Thoo could play fayetball on that"

I can claim no credit for any of the sights that awaited me when arriving at the ground this lunchtime. For while my efforts have been concentrated mainly on getting 250 programmes produced, a troop of dedicated souls have turned Low Farm from a lake into a first-class football ground again.
Following on from Wednesday's report, the pitch has dried out enough to allow its first roll in months yesterday. This was followed by the sanding of the few remaining trouble spots.
Then today came the job of erecting the tents that will serve as homes for the hot refreshments and the sale of merchandise. That's one task I was certainly going to steer well clear of!

How many men does it take to...part 1

How many men does it take to...part 2

You get the gist?

The Food Hall

While the "Ground Force" was in operation I was doing my Friday short-stint at work.  As with the past four days this entailed getting in half-an-hour early to fire off Issue 15 of 'The East Ender Magazine'.  It was a task that had been going swimmingly until this final straight when, "deesaster", a pink hue began to emerge down one side of various pages. 
Now in fairness it's no great deal.  It doesn't obscure any text or damage any photos.  But it's there.  And that will be enough to prompt certain people to demand a copy that's in more "pristine" condition.  It all reminds me of a lad called Dave (aka 'The Reverend') who used to be a part-time member of "Jivin Jeff's Self-Driving Army" in my days of following the Tigers of 'Ull up and down the country.  He would go so far as to take a carrier bag complete with piece of A4 size card inside to ensure his match programme remained untainted by crease or grease  (you may gather from this that despite the title, this was no thug bus!).  I wonder how many "Dave's" we'll have there tomorrow?!
Anyway, that's it.  There is nothing more any of us can do but sit and hope the weather remains as kind as it has all week. 
Tomorrow - for some of us - is all about ensuring that those who arrive on 'The Humber Riviera' are impressed enough to want to come back.  It is to further the good name of Easington United AFC.  It is to sell merchandise and make money.  It is to ensure all this hard work reaps its just reward.

Hopefully the only goal we'll concede to H/Cranswick this season

"Will you help me beat this lot at our place Kev?"
"Love to Dave but I'll be managing the Stiffs by then."

For Dave, 'Nige' and fourteen players in green and gold, it is of course about none of these things.  It is simply about getting back to winning ways after back-to-back defeats.  It is about going one better than the draw we gained at Hutton Cranswick back in August.
If we can do that, and at the same time ensure Rambler 77 has something more positive to say about us on the pitch than he (justifiably) did at Bilsthorpe, then I for one will be very happy.
And if Kev and his Stiffs can get a result at Reckitts in the afternoon that'll be double delight.  As for Maccer's third-string, I'll be there in person for the first time this season at their game tomorrow so hopefully I can bring a change of fortune!
Off to bed now - up at 6am to go in and copy a few more progs...just in case!

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