Thursday, 4 March 2010

"And tonight I will mainly be...collating programmes!

Two days to go, the thoughts of an anxious General Manager...

Doesn't everybody's dining table look like this?

"190 programmes as of this evening.  Rob (Hornby) wants 120 tomorrow and recommends another 60 to print.  That'll leave me 130 for sale on the day.  Another early start tomorrow then.  They better bloody well go after all this!
"Still, this is nowt compared to (Club Sec.) Judy's house.  There's that many Tombola prizes her front room looks like a Charity Collection Point! Some nice bottles among it all though!!
"And Jeff (her husband) reckons there's not an inch to spare in the freezer.  He said the lass on the checkout in Morrisons asked 'em if they were having a "Sausage Party"!
"Car Park sorted...signs are at Doug's...Cranny want seven passes and a table...Rob wants a table...Jeff wants two more helpers...I want a drink...a large one.
"A bit of the wet stuff forecast tomorrow and for Saturday morning, though not enough to disrupt anything...I hope.  Gawd, stop panicking.  I picked a bloody good week for an ECG test! Let's find something to help me relax..."

Slush was interviewing himself...he fears for his own disposition come Saturday morning.

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