Saturday, 5 May 2012

The end of the road?

Saturday 28th April
CML North Division 
Harworth Colliery Institute 1 Easington United 1

Just how prophetic the title of this post turns out to be in terms of "A Game In Four Quarters" itself remains to be seen.
For the time being, it refers solely to the end of our away campaign in this season's Central Midlands League North Division.  The final soiree of the season aboard The Pistol's Express took us to Harworth Colliery Institute's Scrooby Road, where a late header from The Stumo secured a richly deserved point.
Some of us (though shamefully, not all of those on the bus) marked the passing of our third series of CML Away Days with the by now traditional pint in The Country Park, overlooking the "muddy 'Umber".
But as I reflected on reaching the end of the line for this season's away fixtures, something was telling me that it may well now be time to call a halt to trying to maintain this Blog in the manner to which was first intended.  We'll see.
While I ponder my next move, a report of our Harworth draw can be read here (along with pics).  And you can do that to the accompaniment of a band who - if I'd got my shit together beforehand - I could have popped into see at Hull City Hall on return from Harworth...

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