Friday, 20 April 2012

Bang, Bang, Effing Bang!

Saturday 7th April
CML North Division
Easington United 4 Bentley Colliery 1

Monday 9th April
CML North Division
Kiveton Park 2 Easington United 2

You'll by now have gathered that I'm struggling to keep on top of this blogging lark.  Indeed, I'd go as far to say as the season can't end soon enough, if only to ensure I don't fall any further behind.
The basic facts from both games (and Burt's photos) can be found here and here.  Suffice to say I'll try to get my take on a productive Bank Holiday weekend up here as soon as I can.  
In the meantime I'll leave you with a view of Nicho's highly technical pre-match team notes from Kiveton (see above) and a very welcome return to our ears for the still lovely Tracy Tracy and co...


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