Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Skip And A Jump

Saturday 29th October
CML North 
Easington United 4 Ollerton Town 1

The latest enjoyable series of DCI Banks mysteries has just finished on ITV. Pity. I could have done with Peter Robinson's Yorkshire-based copper to come across to the East Riding and try to solve the mystery of why we're usually so shit in October.
We came into the fifth and final Saturday of the month on the back of four defeats. A "clean sweep" at the hands of Nottinghamshire visitors Ollerton Town would be unthinkable.
The setbacks at the hands of Yorkshire Main, Westella and Clipstone all came against sides challenging for the title; as did the ERCFA Senior Cup exit against HPL leaders Chalk Lane.
But a reverse against opponents currently undergoing wholesale changes in the wake of their previous manager's departure would really have got the "Farm Faithful" grumbling.
I started the morning with a cup of Lancashire Tea.  I know, it's bloody sacrilege and all that but it's also bloody good tea.  Anyway, to balance the books, when I confessed to this particular guilty pleasure on Twitter, that well known Hull City fan of Lancastrian roots, Mark Gretton (or @INDEPENDENT_MG to give him his Twitter title) admitted his favourite tipple was Yorkshire Gold.  Ah the irony.
In the line of duty...for the last time

Unbeknown to most of the lads, this afternoon's game was to be the last one in which Andy Graham would lead the team out. After much agonising, AG has decided to relinquish the First Team captaincy "for personal reasons". I actually think it's more to do with being sick of his old man Burt pointing an extended lens in his face every time he emerges from a changing room.
And one become two...
A fine if somewhat blustery afternoon helped attract a decent crowd of over seventy to The Farm.  Gawd, if only we could charge a gate.  Still, programme sales were very healthy thanks to the Chairman's persistence, helped also by a decent contingent of travellers from Ollerton.
I spent the second half within decent earshot of one particular band and very entertained they kept me...though I expect the young referee's assistant was gald he was on the far side of the pitch given the amount of flak he copped for.

...becomes three!
By this time, though, the damage was done.  Ollerton found themselves three down at the break, courtesy of a Nicho brace and a well-deserved strike from Jamie Hartley.
Enjoyment of the second half was enhanced by Farny's late fourth and news of Aaron McLean's winner for the Tigers at Forest.  Oh, and the continued witticisms of the band from north Notts.
Some consolation for the visitors came courtesy of Carl Russo's impressive late hit (which Charlie was keen to tell me afterwards took a deflection of Blounty's boot).  But, overall they were well beaten as you may well gather from the official report.

Pictures courtesy of Burt Graham

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