Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wrong turn, white outcome...

Saturday 20th August
CML North
Easington United 3 DFS Welbeck Welfare 0

It was one of the most relaxing Saturday's I'd known.  The programme had been printed the night before, Mrs Slush had taken the Elder Slushette off to town for the day and the Younger daughter was a master of the ability to amuse herself without much input from Dad.
Thus, as Aggers and co described England's inexorable march at The Oval and the power of Twitter kept me abreast of events on a potentially season-defining day in the County Championship, I took in the warm August sunshine while reading David Starkey's passionate defence of his comments on what has become one of the most talked-about editions of Newsnight in recent times.  
It was the calm before the, well, navigational storm if you like!
"They've ended up where?..."
Picture the scene if you can.  It's 2.20pm that same Saturday afternoon, forty minutes before kick-off of our home game against Nottinghamshire side DFS Welbeck Welfare in the Central Midlands League North (note the last word!).  I'm sat in our grandiosely titled Hospitality Area, chewing the fat with opposition secretary Graham Hall, when in comes visiting Coach (and manager-for-the-day) Chris Bennett, immediately followed by the three match officials, all looking somewhat perplexed.
"Slight problem gents" says the aforementioned Bennett. "(delete expletive) for brains Tom Chambers and (delete expletive) for brains (followed by two other names that escape me) have just rung to say they're near Sunderland.  They're heading to the wrong Easington and won't be here until half past five..."
Then came the best bit: "...and they've got the kit!"
You couldn't make it up.  And I haven't.
And so began a hectic half-hour of panic phone calls, rejigging colours and amending team sheets before football could begin - ten minutes late - but with another satisfactory outcome for the Farm Faithful.

If in doubt...point!
In the event our lads loved the mix-up as it allowed a first wearing of the new away strip, sponsored by the local Patrington Garage.  It's white, well at least the shirts are, which as you can imagine has really pleased our laundry lady!
Gav proves he's all-white with his right an'all
Anyway, despite a stubborn effort from our visitors, the new kit was christened in winning style, courtesy of two Gav Thurkettle goals and a first for Jamie Hartley.  Further details of the game can be found here
You could say, it turned out all-white in the end...

Photos courtesy of Burt Graham

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