Friday, 3 June 2011

Back where it belongs

Thursday 26th May - South Holderness Cup Final
Skirlaugh (home) Won 7-1

Who remembers how frustrating or disappointing a season has been overall when there's a bit of silverware to put in the cupboard?
Back in the Eighties when I first became involved at Low Farm, I used to laugh at the way that Withernsea, then the biggest and most successful team in the area, regularly glossed over a disappointing "domestic" campaign by trumpeting their annual stroll to victory in the South Holderness Cup.  Cuh, thought I, a team of their size should almost always win the annual end-of-season tournament...unless Hedon were their opponents perhaps.
Little did it occur to me back then that in 2011 people would perhaps be thinking the same of Easington United.  But I'm very pleased they are!
And similar to our rivals up the coast, while winning the South Holderness Cup hasn't been the cure for all the ills of a frustrating season, it certainly gave everybody a lift to take into the close season.
The meaning of the competition to local football fans is outlined to some extent in the previous post (or at least it will be when I get my finger out!).  Indeed Manager Mack has repeatedly told our players his opinion that he regards the cup very much as ours.  A three-year barren run since 2007 would cast some doubt on this assertion!
But having reached the final for the first time in four years, Mack was determined to ensure his players didn't blow their chance. 
They didn't.

To be continued...

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