Sunday, 14 November 2010

If there's just one tune you play today...

It must be this one. 
Sunday 14th November. Lest we forget.

I took both my daughters to the village war memorial this morning to mark Remembrance Sunday with a healthy turnout of fellow Ezzies.  
Easington's memorial is a fairly basic but still aesthetic affair.  According to the War Memorials Trust it's one of "an estimated one hundred thousand" in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.  Sadly, for whatever reason, it is not listed on the Royal British Legion's Roll of Honour list of Yorkshire War Memorials.
It's quite awe-inspiring to think that the scene in front of my eyes this morning was being replicated up and down the length and breadth of our fair isles, as indeed it was when the eleventh hour struck on Thursday (Armistice Day).  Proof that we will never forget.
It was the Younger Slushette's first such occasion (she slept through last year's anniversary at the Cenotaph in Hull) and she behaved impeccably.
Next year I shall regale her with tales of what her great-grandads did in "the War".  I bet she can't wait...

One in a hundred-thousand

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