Thursday, 10 September 2009

Make me an offer I can't refuse

Does anybody come out of the Michael Turner episode with credit?

Since the conclusion of the latest transfer window Hull City supporters have been venting their spleen via various media outlets regarding the sale of their “star man” Michael Turner.
As someone whose interest in City is now very much secondary, I must be careful what I say but I must admit I find some of the comments I’ve read and/or heard a tad extreme.
Whilst I’m not the biggest Phil Brown fan, I do think some of the vitriol hurled his way over the move has been ridiculous. From the player’s own quotes it appears clear that he wanted out. Therefore the manager’s hands were tied; end of.
The biggest disappointment for me will come if it’s eventually proved that the deal is worth significantly less than the supposed £12M asking price; that and the fact that City left themselves no real scope to find a replacement.
However, where I appear to disagree with many of the internet posters and phone-in callers is in thinking that Turner comes out of this completely clean. He reportedly went to “further develop” his career at Sunderland. Really? They might be “bigger” in terms of history, crowds and money but they won’t win any silverware or trouble the top four this season. Call me a cynic but I reckon the wages on offer might have had more to do with the decision? Not knocking that as a reason but wouldn’t it be refreshing if a player came out and said so?
The nearest thing we have to the “transfer window” at our level is the annual pre-season scramble to sign players on before anyone else, followed by the messing about when a player then changes his mind before the league season kicks-off. Usually this results in the first club ripping up the original form without any need for a transfer. Not so this year however.
Having already signed Joni Purse and Brett Fisk on ERCFL forms before both then popped up at Low Farm, our neighbours Withernsea were understandably a little hacked-off when Mark Thompson and Owen Mountain both announced their intention to make the same move; even more so when Pasha Brown soon turned quartet into quintet.
As such ‘The Seasiders’ invoked the rules. Thus whereas Owen has since transferred, both Mark and Pasha will now have to wait, 28 days and 56 days respectively, before joining him. And the league season doesn’t kick off until next weekend.
While appreciating how peeved our rivals must have been to see five players wanting to move to the “East End”, all their actions have done is stop lads from playing football. Not to mention sowing seeds that will probably ensure those same players would think twice about returning in the future.
And let’s face it, at least Owen and co really have come to “further develop” their playing careers. Unlike a certain Michael Turner perhaps…

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