Friday, 14 August 2009

Here We Go Again!

The start of "The CMFL Experience"...

And so after all the waiting, all the hard work and - let's be honest - all the "debate" over the rights and wrongs of the move, tomorrow afternoon will see us kick our first ball in the Central Midlands Football League. The culmination of a year long journey...for some.
For me, however, tomorrow is when the hard work begins. I've spent the last few days reading and re-reading the League handbook checking the specific rules applicable to the competition and hoping that come tomorrow evening not only am I celebrating an opening day win but also that I can relax knowing I've completed all the necessary admin tasks and in particular made all the necessary telephone calls with regards to the result!!

As with any Saturday, tomorrow's work will begin early in the morning - 6.30am to be precise - when the alarm clock will go off and prompt the short dash to BP to print off & collate the day's programmes. Even this task has been made more sizeable following our move of competition - some 22 issues having been pre-ordered via the League thanks to the "Ground Hoppers".

After this task is completed, it's down to Low Farm next via the laundry room at The Marquis of Granby to hang out the kit and ensure all the other match day items are in place - balls, warm-up equipment, bottles and first aid.
Vice Chairman Mickey Bo and Head Groundsman Brim will soon join me - marking and nets are their main tasks along with roping off the side of the ground not covered by permanent perimeter fencing.
Any necessary tidying-up work will also be carried out before it's time to grab a spot of lunch.
During the whole of this morning period I'll be praying the phone doesn't ring with news of some late cry-off among the players and come 12.45pm there'll be chance to catch the first half of Chelsea v City before it's back down to the ground to await the first arrivals.
I haven't got a clue what sort of crowd we'll attract tomorrow. We've been forewarned to expect a fair few "Hoppers" but my main hope is that we'll also pull in a large number of "curious parties" from across Holderness. Would it be too much to hope for something in excess of a hundred? Hope not and if only half buy programmes then that's the match officials sorted!

Match-wise, all I can hope is that the lads play to their full potential - something I know Dave and Neil feel they've not done during pre-season. A win, no injuries and no cautions would be nice ensuring a sweeter taste in the post-match pint and a satisfying twang to Saturday night's curry.
Come Sunday it's chance to wind down with another trip for me and my eldest to Craven Park for the Rovers v Saints game, probably to be followed by the legendary Haven Arms carvery for tea. Ensure the reports are all filed by Sunday night for the respective official bodies and local Press before retiring to bed.
Come Monday there'll be that feeling of relief if everything's gone well...that will last all of five minutes before the planning of Saturday week's trip to Chesterfield to face title favourites Parkhouse takes over!
So if you're in the area tomorrow, pop down to the Farm. You might just enjoy what you see. More importantly if you do, you might just come again!
Up The Ezzies!

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